About SOS

Supporting our Servicemen (SOS) is a non-profit organization whose goals are to THANK and HELP the past and present servicemen and women of our Armed Forces and to assist in the health and wellness of our nation’s heroes who are living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other maladies.


On our LOCAL DISCOUNTS page a veteran need to enter their
zipcode and with a quick search they locate all retailers in the area offering a discount. Legal, Medical,
financial, dining and other services are listed. SOS is inviting businesses in America to show their appreciation to all past and present service members by offering a discount on their services and/or products. Great for new business, customer loyalty and a great way to thank our Veterans.


On our LOCAL RESOURCE page, past and present service members are
able to search for and locate all companies or individuals in their local area that are donating products, goods, services and PTSD counseling. They can source free legal and medical advice, grants, housing, training, household goods and other product local merchants and neighbors are donating. We are launching SOS CENTERS which will have Veteran housing, a thrift store, vocational training and PTSD counseling in each of the centers. Our goal is to have SOS Centers countrywide.


By placing decals (depicted on the top of this letter) on their storefront, their
website and on their marketing materials businesses invite in new business and show existing clientele they are patriotic. The decal serves as an invitation to service members to frequent their establishment and enjoy a discount. Businesses who are participating are listed in our directory, on our mobile applications, issued the decal for their storefront and digital versions are supplied to be used for their website and all marketing materials. SOS is developing mobile phone apps and Internet technologies that will benefit all members’ businesses. We also want to do cause marketing and have our logo on food and other products, this helps sales for manufacturers, gives us needed exposure and funds.There are three different levels of membership - Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each one represents a different discount offered by a particular establishment. A Gold decal represents a minimum 10% discount on that companies’ services and/or products, a Silver decal represents a minimum discount of 5%, and a Bronze decal represents varying discounts on varying products and/or services.

For more information please call us toll free at 888-658-8884 or email us at: [email protected]

A note from a Grateful Veteran:

"I bought breakfast at Killer CafĂ© (10% discount), bought some boots at Bartel’s Harley Davidson (10% discount) and had a great dinner at C&O Trattoria (10% discount) - and all in the same day!

Thank you for this great service; it is a great help when we Veterans save a few dollars, and get a heartfelt thanks. We like to shop where companies give discounts, and it is great to find a website where they are listed."