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Please consider purchasing an IHAV Have You? product.

The profits from sales of IHAV Backpack go towards buying a home for a Veteran. IHAV stands for I Housed a Veteran. Wear it with pride and thank you for supporting this great campaign!

When you purchase our SOS branded backpack the profits go to helping and thanking our Veterans for their service to our country, thank you for your support. You can customize them with your favorite photo as well

Bold Face
IHAV Backpack - Black $49.95 IHAV Backpack - White $49.95
I Love SOS Backpack - Black $49.95 I Love SOS Backpack - White $49.95
Old Town Tequila

When you purchase Rock and Roll tequila you will be supporting SOS and it's many programs that help and thank the wonderful veterans that served our country, have a toast to them.

Rock N Roll Tequila Platinum Triple Distilled


Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

$34.99     $29.99

Rock N Roll Tequila Cristalino AƱejo